Ticket to Richard's Film Boot Camp 2022

Ticket to Richard's Film Boot Camp 2022

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FEBRUARY 11, 2022
One day. All film.

The best of film photography and lab education wrapped into one! First, get a hands-on experience with renowned film photographer Sandra Coan to learn all about using artificial lighting with film and hone your shooting skills. 

Then, dive deep into film & lab education to get a better understanding of your craft and how to get the film scans you've been dreaming of.


Your ticket includes:

  • 1-day workshop
  • Class with Sandra Coan
  • Photoshoot with Sandra Coan
  • Film developing & scanning of everything you shoot at the workshop
  • In-depth lab tour
  • Hands-on experience scanning your own film
  • Film/lab education with Richard
  • Continental breakfast and lunch
  • Swag bag