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Film Developing
Film Developing
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Film Developing

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New to film? Found an old roll and you're not sure what to do?

Since 1970, Richard Photo Lab has been dedicated to the analog art of film processing & film scanning for first-time film shooters, hobbyists, and the world's best photographers alike. We're world renowned for our high-quality scans and ultra-fast services!


Dip and dunk processing of your film is the highest-quality method for film processing. We develop:

  • Film Types: Color (C-41), Black & White (BW), and Slide (E-6)
  • Film Sizes: Disposable Cameras, 35mm Film, 120 Film, or 220 Film


    Add scans to receive digital files of your film images. Our team of experts will scan your images on our Noritsu scanner and correct them frame-by-frame for color balance and lightness/darkness. 

    Selecting the right scan size is all about what you want to do with the final image files:

    • Web Scans: best for online use and prints up to 4x6
    • Universal Scans: our most popular size, best for all-around work and printing up to 16x20
    • Large Project Scans: best for special large print projects


      Add professional-quality 4x6 prints made on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper to any order.


      For additional choices in your image handling, learn more about our custom professional services.

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