KONO! UFO ISO 200 35mm x 24 exp.
KONO! UFO ISO 200 35mm x 24 exp.

KONO! UFO ISO 200 35mm x 24 exp.

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Launched in 2014, KONO! is an European analogue photographic company currently developing a range of creative 35mm films. Most KONO! films are based on obscure stock originally intended for shooting motion pictures, scientific purposes or anyplace else where photosensitive emulsions were used. Despite their outlandish origins all films were treated in a way that they can be developed at standard mini labs. The newest invention is a hybrid device called “Reanimator”, linking the digital to the analogue world on photographic films.

KONO! UFO is color negative film pre exposed with UFOs - pre exposed mystery!


  • Color negative film 35mm
  • 24 exposure
  • C-41 process.
  • Any mini-lab will be able to process and scan KONO! films.
  • Each product is made and packaged by hand